LEBOP books

LEBOP is my new editorial project. LEBOP's focus is on photography and its goal is to publish quality and challenging photography and art books by authors whose work we admire and appreciate.
LEBOP is independent project operated by its founding members Carlos Lobo and Paulo Catrica, who, in a close relationship with their authors, control every step of the manufacturing process — the editing, design, typography, scanning, marketing and distribution.

Published titles:
TNSC: Paulo Catrica.
Far Far East: a bridge: Carlos Lobo. (November 2011)

Coming soon:
The Sonic Booms: Carlos Lobo (to be announced)

"Far Far East" can be purchased directly or at the SelfPublishBeHappy website.
"River" by André Cepeda (published by my previous label Chromma) is still available to order. Few copies remaining.
My first monograph "Unknown Landscapes" is also still available to order. Please contact me.

New titles are being designed:

São Paulo
Quatre jours à Paris

Free City Rhymes
Daydream Nation

layout for 3 books

quatre jours à Paris 01

quatre jours à Paris title page

quatre jours à Paris 02

quatre jours à Paris 03

São Paulo title page

São Paulo 3 pages spread

são paulo page

São Paulo são paulo spread