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LEBOP is my editorial project. Its focus is on photography and its goal is to publish high quality and challenging photography and art books by authors whose work I admire and appreciate. LEBOP is truly independent publisher, who, in a close relationship with its authors, controls every step of the manufacturing process: editing, design, typography, scanning, marketing and distribution.



I Would Run This Way Forever and Over Again: Carlos Lobo (2022)
Estrada e Fantasmas: Humberto Brito (2020) / (SPECIAL EDITION AVAILABLE)
The Sonic Booms: Carlos Lobo (2020) / (SOLD OUT)
TNSC: Paulo Catrica (2011) / (SOLD OUT)
Far Far East: a bridge: Carlos Lobo (2011) / (LAST REMAINING COPIES)
River: André Cepeda (2008) / (LAST REMAINING COPIES)
Unknown Landscapes: Carlos Lobo (2008)

Please contact me on how to order these titles.
New titles by Mário Macedo and Mauro Restiffe will be published in the summer/fall of 2022. Keep tuned for news.